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SISTER WALLS: A new wall is built to come alongside an existing, failing foundation wall and provides the necessary reinforcement to do the job that the original wall is no longer capable of. The process typically involves formal engineering design. Most often, sister wall designs call for reinforcing steel in the wall and require the construction of one-sided concrete wall forms. Once wall steel and forms are in place, concrete is pumped into the forms and allowed to set. The forms may then be removed, and the job stands completed. Sister walls generally do require a building permit and inspections by the building authorities.

SHOTCRETE: In certain cases, a process known as "shotcrete" may offer additional advantages and cost savings over a sister wall approach. With shotcrete, no wall forms are needed, and the job may, therefore, be streamlined even further.

Usually, reinforcing steel mesh is installed against a failing dirt embankment, or in some cases, an old foundation wall. Then, a relatively dry concrete mix is blown or "shot" onto the area with a high volume of compressed air, and may be built up to several inches in thickness, depending on the specific conditions and needs of the job.

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