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Old Foundation Problems in Colorado?

We can Restore Your Stone or Brick Foundation and Keep it Strong!

failing stone foundation walls

If you have a stone or brick foundation, you're maintaining a piece of history through your house investment. Foundations of this type generally have the original stone or brick facing on the outside of the foundation, but they often have a plaster coating on the inside as a method of waterproofing. In many cases, these foundations would begin to shift and crack 30-50 years after being built, at which point a second foundation layer may have been constructed.

Because these older stone and brick foundations were many times not well-maintained, the following problems are common:

  • Loose Stones and Bricks
  • Water Leakage
  • Mortar Grinding Into Sand
  • Bulging Walls

Loose Stones and Brick

Loose stones and bricks should be removed and repositioned with new mortar, taking care not to compromise the structure in the process.

As some of these stones may be vital to the structure, this should only be done by a professional.

Water Leakage

This involves digging out the entire perimeter of the basement, installing a new drain, and possibly adding a waterproof coating on the walls.

This type of installation has been used for many decades—a drain of this type is generally installed when the home is built.

Mortar Failure

Weak points and holes in mortar can be replaced by filling the gaps with mortar and tuckpointing the damaged spaces.

The foundation should be repaired professionally to ensure that all potential foundation issues are addressed during the repairs.

Bulging Walls

Bulging stone or brick walls can present the most serious structural problem. In some cases, the foundation may need to be shored, while the stones are removed and the structure rebuilt.

However, your local foundation contractor may be able to offer you a faster, more cost-effective, and better solution, such as a foundation wall anchor system.

old stone foundation wallsAn older foundation, especially a stone one, should be checked annually to catch potential issues before they become a serious problem. Using a piece of chalk, draw a line across a crack and record the width of the crack with a date. This will help you see if the cracks are shifting unevenly or widening.

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