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Before and After Pictures from Denver
Window Well Installation for a Denver Home

Window Well Installation for a Denver Home

Before After
Window Well Installation for a Denver Home Window Well Installation for a Denver Home

Michael's window well was practically non-existant. It was unsafe and also extremely old. After much consideration Michael decided to replace it with a safer, and larger window well that would serve has a better emergency exit. He called Peak Structural and quickly thereafter the crew was out to install the new window well. In the pictures you can see the difference a change in window wells has made of Michael's home. 

Foundation Repair - Littleton, CO

Foundation Repair - Littleton, CO

Before After
Foundation Repair - Littleton, CO Foundation Repair - Littleton, CO

Expansive soils in Littleton have caused a 7 inch foundation settlement or movement at this home. The before photo shows one of many pier installations necessary to stabilize and lift this area of the foundation back to its original position.  First, pier sites are strategically placed along the foundation either on the inside or the outside of the foundation or a combination of both is used as well. Holes are dug down to the footer. Then, the work begins as the crew installs a heavy-duty steel bracket below and against the foundation's footing.  Next, a heavy duty steel external sleeve is put in place.  This patented sleeve resists bending forces that can cause kinking, buckling and rotating of the steel shaft common during pier installations. This steel sleeve adds extra steel where it is needed most - directly beneath the foundation bracket. It is very effective and efficient as it guides the angle at which the pier is being installed. Each pier is hydraulically driven down to bedrock or stable soil.  Once all the piers are in place, the weight of the home is transferred from our unstable soils here in the Denver area to the bedrock or stable soil deep below. Finally, the crew attempts to lift the home back to its original position. This lift of 7 inches was skillfully and painstakingly done in several minute adjustments. Peak's crew ecourages the homeowner to be present during the lift process.  Once everything is completed, we bury the piers. The house is permanently stabilized. The after photo shows the excellent clean up and workmanship detail. Need our expert team?  Contact   Peak Structural.  We’re located at 600 17th St. Suite 2800 South, Denver, CO 80202.  You can contact us at: 303 243 3028 or  Like us at  or connect with us on twitter: #PeakStructural

Wall Anchors Fix a Retaining Wall in Denver, CO

Wall Anchors Fix a Retaining Wall in Denver, CO

Before After
Wall Anchors Fix a Retaining Wall in Denver, CO Wall Anchors Fix a Retaining Wall in Denver, CO

Geo Lock Wall Anchors were used to help straighten a retaining wall that is beginning to bow. The anchors will stabilize the wall and provide the support strong enough to help bring the wall back to its original position.

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Angie’s List Super Service Award 2016 winners have met strict eligibility requirements, which include an “A” rating in overall grade,... [Read more]
The BBB has recognized Southern Colorado businesses for superior customer service since 1995. Businesses that espouse best practices in customer... [Read more]
The BBB has recognized Southern Colorado businesses for superior customer service since 1995. Businesses that espouse best practices in customer... [Read more]
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Everything was excellent with Tony Casados.  ...
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Testimonials From Denver
We always know they are dependable, do a great job and back up their work with excellent quality customer service. We will continue to recommend them to our...
Testimonial by Corinne R. from Denver, CO
Everything was excellent with Tony Casados.
Testimonial by Hamid R. from Denver, CO
Everyone we have dealt with has been knowledgeable, professional and helpful.
Testimonial by Theresa D. from Denver , CO

Responsible foundation repair company serving Denver, Colorado

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Foundation Supportworks dealer in Denver, CO.

Services we offer in Denver:

  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Financing Available.
  • Written estimates and inspections and fast installation.
Case Studies From Denver
Amber had been living in her home for some years when she started noticing issues with her foundation. The home was built in the 1900s and no repairs...
After living in his home for almost twenty years, this Northglenn homeowner began noticing small cracks along many of the walls in his home. Over the...
After finally putting the finishing touches on his newly built back porch, this Northglenn homeowner began noticing the initial signs of settlement...
Press Releases From Denver
Peak Structural strongly believes in the power of community, and what can happen when a group of people comes together for one cause. Recently, the company partnered with Dream Centers, ACE Scholarship, Springs Rescue Mission, and Citizen Soldier Connection to increase awareness for these organizations. Through this partnership Peak Structural is bringing together not only a company, but a community. Customers are given the option to choose one of these nonprofits and a portion of the revenue generated from that customer's project would be given to that non-profit.... [Read more]
July 15th Peak Structural will be celebrating the move to its new location in Palmer Lake. The owners would like to share the success of the company by inviting community members and businesses to a festive afternoon of networking and celebrations. This new building is a great achievement for everyone in the company that has put in phenomenal efforts to make this possible.... [Read more]
Peak Structural Inc has been selected for the 2015 Denver Award in the Foundation Contractors category by the Denver Award Program.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Denver, CO
Denver Home is Stabilized with Piers

Patricia owns a lovely home in Denver, CO that had several cracks showing on her basement walls. Wanting to consult with an expert to make sure this wasn’t a major issue, she scheduled a free estimate with Peak Structural. One of our expert design specialists was sent to her home to conduct a thorough evaluation of the home. Unfortunately, the cracks in the walls were not a minor issue. They were a sign that the foundation of Patricia’s home was settling. As the best solution, the expert recommended that she have nine helical piers installed along the perimeter of her home. With the piers installed, the home will be fully supported and stabilized, meaning the home will settle no more! Happy with the result and knowing that her home is now safe and secure, Patricia can rest assured that her foundation is stable. 

Geo-Lock Wall Anchor System Installed in Denver, CO

Bethany recently decided to sell her rental property in Denver, CO. To make it attractive to home buyers, she knew someone had to fix the large cracks in her walls. She called Peak Structural Inc. to schedule a free, thorough inspection of the home and its foundation. The expert design specialist found that the home had shifted over the years due to soil movement. The highly expansive soil on which her home was built had pushed in one wall, causing it to bow and crack. The expert suggested that she secure the wall using the Geo-Lock Wall Anchor System. The unique ability of the Geo-Lock Wall Anchor System to tighten over time and straighten the wall makes it the best solution for her bowing wall. After installation, Bethany felt relief knowing the wall repairs on her home instantly added equity to her home. Now that she has secured the walls, she is happy to put the home on the market, knowing she can sell her home at full price. 

Leaning Wall Straightened in Littleton, CO

Oftentimes, neighborhoods and homes are built in areas with problem soil. In the Littleton area of Denver, CO, high attributes of "Bentonite" clay are rampant in many of these neighborhoods, causing extreme movement to the homes.

Susan Huff decided it was time to do something about her leaning wall. She contacted Peak Structural for a full inspection of her home, in hopes of stopping her leaning wall for good. And that's exactly what she got. Design Specialist Eric Shippert diagnosed her the problem and designed a repair plan that will last for years to come.

The FSI Geo-Lock Wall Anchor system was installed to Susan's two leaning walls, giving her the ability to not only permanently stabilize her leaning wall, but to straighten it back into an upright position. After excavating around the perimeter, and using hydraulics to lift the structure of the home off of the foundation wall, the Geo-Lock Anchors then are tightened until the wall is back in place.

Susan can now be in her basement without fear of any further inward movement of her Wall!

Work Requests From Denver, CO
Jackson St in Denver
House foundation has settled. Need an estimate for foundation work.
S. Elizabeth St. in Denver
I have a crack in an addition that has worsened recently and I'd like to get an estimate for repairs sometime this week. Thank you.
in Denver
I wanted to add 210 sq.ft. to the front of an existing room. When I went to Denver Zoning they determined that the existing room was never permitted as an enclosed room but as a carport in 1954. I bought the house in 1990, the room existed as a "family room", and I never knew of this issue. in order to add this 210 sq ft., The City is requiring that the foundation of the existing room be secured. The Zoning Director told me that helical piers were less expensive then underpinning. I want to get this done as CHEAPLY as is possible. This process was obviously not part of my remodel budget. There are NO cracks in the walls or foundation so I don't want to create structural issues by complying with the City's requirements by going through this process. Would you please contact me to discuss in more detail whether this is something that you do and whether this is something you are interested in doing. And, please drop me an email message if you can't do this so that I don't expect a call from you. Thank you so much. I hope to hear from you soon.
Sherman St in Denver
We have a basement unit with brick wall when theres moisture outside we have water intrusion
Krameria St in Denver
The kitchen in our 752 sq. ft home is showing signs of sagging floors. Would like to have someone take a look and see what the issue is and what it would take to fix
South Glencoe Street in Denver
Cracking in existing concrete foundation. Cracking in drywall adjacent to existing window. Looking to have someone check and provide quote/feedback for cracking within structural foundation.
Brentwood St in Denver
I work for a Real Estate company considering purchasing a home with some structural issues. The whole house leans a bit but everything seems to be intact. It looks like we might need helical piers. Does your company do this kind of work and can you give me an idea of the cost?
Harlan St in Denver
Hi, I need to have a basement checked out. It has many bulges and is very uneven and there is a small crack on the foundation. Thank you
Perry St. in Denver
We have some foundational issues - significant cracking on the interior and exterior walls. Not sure how long they've been there, but we need to get them checked/fixed.
Bryant St. in Denver
We are selling our home and the inspection objection includes the following: 1. Licensed contractor to evaluate and repair garage slab foundation wall, tuck pointing repair to be done on exterior brickwork where necessary on garage and house. All peeling and exposed exterior wood to be sanded and painted to prevent further water intrusion or damage. Page 10 of attached report.
Grape St in Denver
I need a quote for a repair of my foundation, not sure if it needs piers or just resin.
Raritan Street in Denver
We have some supports in our crawlspace that do not appear up to code. We would like to have those supports replaced. I belive proper footings have been poured, but the wooden supports probably need replaced.
E Bates Dr in Denver
Basement floor cracking, sinking. Horizontal crack in foundation wall.
Monroe St in Denver
I have an unfinished partial basement with a retaining wall between the basement and crawlspace. Retaining wall is crumbling in areas and needs to be replaced. Would be interested in what options there are.
Zuni St in Denver
There is an addition on our 100yr old house. The addition is sinking away enough where there is a large crack in our ceiling and floor. The main house has a basement. The addition is just a crawl space. Addition is 1 bedroom with a full bath. I don't know when it was put on (several decades ago is my best guess).
Pontiac Street in Denver
Old Victorian recently purchased, has jacks in cellar. Would like to check stability and estimate cost of further leveling and reinforcement
Hudson St. in Denver
I need an estimate repair/lift the foundation on a single-story 1950s era brick addition on the back of a two-story older home in Park Hill. One corner is settling most, causing stairstepping in the bricks and the door frame to become unacceptably crooked. Thanks.
W Walsh St in Denver
House shifting on foundation sagging floors and unalignes doors
S. Bryant St in Denver
Need wall anchor checkup and service.
Newport St. in Denver
Water is coming through a crack in my basement wall after rain/snow.
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