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Foundation Piers

Settling Foundation Solutions - Piers & Helical Piers

colorado push piers for foundation problemsPush Pier Method

First, we attach to your home's footing a series of Foundation SupportWorksPush Pier brackets of heavy, industrial-strength steel.

Foundation Supportworks Push Pier systems utilize high-strength steel pier sections that are hydraulically driven through heavy-duty steel foundation brackets to reach deep down to competent load-bearing strata.

The piers have the ability to reach far below the problem soils and do not rely on friction for capacity.

Used in both residential and commercial applications, pier installation can be completed year-round without the major disruption of other methods. Foundation Supportworks Push Piers effectively stabilize settling foundations and provide the best opportunity to lift your home back to a level position.

Finally, the weight of your home is carefully transferred from unstable soil to rock-solid piers so your home or commercial building is secure.

colorado foundation helical piersHelical Pier Solutions

Foundation Supportworks Helical Pier Systems will permanently stabilize your home’s foundation and provide you an opportunity to lift the structure back to a level position. Round-shaft helical piers have a high resistance to buckling and have the torsional strength to penetrate deep into competent soil unlike other square-shaft helical alternatives. Another benefit of helical piers is that they do not use the weight of the home as resistance during installation, so they can be used on both heavy and lightly loaded structures such as sinking stoops, decks, or sunrooms.

Helical piers are installed by mechanically "screwing" them into the soil using small construction equipment or handheld equipment. Once they reach the proper depth, heavy-duty steel brackets are installed under your home's footing.

Foundation Supportworks helical piers are able to efficiently stabilize distressed foundations by transferring the load of the structure from unstable soil, through the piers, to competent soil strata below.

The Journal of Light Construction states that compared to rebuilding a concrete foundation, installing helical piers is much faster, usually taking at least a week or two less than the alternative.

Helical Pier Advantages:

  • Can be installed year-round
  • Round shaft has a high resistance to bending
  • Suitable for both heavy and light loads
  • Long life span -- galvanized steel is resistant to corrosion
  • Doesn't rely on the weight of the structure for depth and capacity
  • In most cases can lift foundation back to level position
  • Restores Property Value

Benefits Of Piering

  • Installed in a few days or less.
  • Piers installed year-round.
  • Can be installed in areas with limited access.
  • All support systems out of sight once installation is complete.
  • Cost-effective.

Steps to Piering Installation

  Step 1:The footing is exposed and prepared for the bracket.
  Step 2: Round-shaft helical piers are mechanically advanced into the soil
  Step 3: The foundation bracket is secured to the footing.
  Step 4: The weight of the home is transferred through the piers to load bearing strata. The home is lifted back to level if possible

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