Problems With Doors/Windows?

Foundation Problems with Doors & Windows?

Why Windows & Doors Stick & Develop Cracks-- and How to Fix It!

A window showing separation from a foundation due to settlement

Windows Separating from the Foundation in Loveland, CO due to Settlement Issues.

When a foundation has a structural issue, the entire house can warp as a result.

As this happens, a multitude of problems will begin to crop up in your home: fireplaces may tilt, cracks will begin to appear in your drywall, and floors may become uneven.

As the problem begins to develop, you may also notice that your doors and windows will begin to stick and jam shut.

These are signs of a problem that should be addressed by a professional foundation contractor as soon as possible.

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Identifying the Source of Your Problem

Doors and windows are affected by two major types of foundation issues: structural issues with the crawl space, and foundation settlement.

The effects of each break down this way:


Potentially Caused By:

Structural Problem

Crawl Space Structural
Foundation Settlement
Jamming Exterior or Entryway Doors
Jamming Interior Doorways
Sticking Wndows
Cracks Along Windows & Entryway Doors
Cracks Along Interior Doorways
Sinking/Sagging Floors

Crawl Space Structural Issues:

Crawl Space Jack Posts installed in a Colorado home

Foundation Jacks Supporting a Rotting Crawl Space in the Denver Area.

Crawl space structural issues happen under two conditions:

  1. Extreme Mold & Rot: As the floor joists and other wood in a crawl space decays, it can begin to lose its ability to support the weight of the home above. The floor slowly begins to sink downwards, taking the rest of the structure with it.
  2. Sinking Crawl Space Support Beams: Crawl space support beams are meant to transfer the load of the house downward into the soils below. If the soils below are not strong enough to support this weight, the beams may begin to sink downward, taking everything that counted on them for support along with it.

As the inside structure of your home bends downwards, the entire home can begin to experience damage.

Drywall inside the home may begin to crack and show damage. Interior doors will begin to jam shut, and the floor will begin to sag in many areas.

The Solution:

  • Rotting structural wood may need to be replaced, or they may be reinforced with sister beams.
  • To avoid future rotting and mold, the crawl space should be sealed with a vapor barrier, and a dehumidifier should be installed.
  • If the original crawl space supports are sinking it can be installed to reinforce the structure. This kind of repair can be completed quickly, often in a single day.

Foundation Settlement Issues:

A settlement crack in drywall in a Denver, CO home

Windows Separating from the Foundation in Trinidad, CO due to Settlement Issues.

Foundation Settlement issues are caused in a wide variety of ways. Here are two common ones:

  1. Weak Supporting Soils: Clay soil and other softer strata are often not capable of firmly supporting the heavy weight of your home structure. Over time, the foundation may begin to sink downwards into the earth,
  2. Poorly Compacted Foundation Soil: When your home was built, any voids underneath where the foundation was built were filled in with backfilled soil. If this soil is not properly compacted, it will not be able to support the foundation's weight as well as the hard-packed soil around it that's settled for perhaps hundreds of years. This causes uneven settling of the foundation, leading to structural problems.

The Solution:

  • For very light structures, foundation helical piers may be the most cost-effective solution.
  • For homes and heavier structures, foundation push piers may be recommended.
  • In extreme cases, repairs or rebuilding of the foundation may be the only option available.

Local Foundation Contractors in Colorado

Whatever your foundation problem, we have the tools, training, and experience you need to fix it properly. Whether your problem is sticking windows, jamming doors, or something else, we're the contractors for you!

We offer foundation repair quotes to residents in Colorado, including areas like Littleton, Aurora, Denver, Arvada, Westminster, Englewood, Brighton, Boulder, Broomfield, Golden, Thornton, Commerce City, Windsor, Evergreen, Wheat Ridge, Fort Morgan, Morrison, CO. Call or e-mail us today to get started!

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