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Wall Repair in Trinidad, CO

This house in Trinidad, CO was having some structural issues with sagging floors. Not knowing the source of the problem or how to resolve it, the homeowner’s Shane and Debora called Peak Structural for help. A Specialist from the company was sent out to inspect the home and determined that the already existing beam needed to be stabilized in order to resolve the issue. To successfully stabilize the sagging floors, six SmartJacks were installed and both Shane and Debora were relieved that their floors were level again. 

Foundation Piers Installed in Colorado Springs, CO

Donald has a lovely home located in the Colorado Springs area and after noticing some signs of structural damage, he began to search for a company that would be able to successfully diagnose and resolve the issue. After his research, Donald found and contacted Peak Structural to set up an inspection with one of our experts. Together, Donald and Peak Structural found the best product that would permanently stabilize the foundation on his home, the helical pier system. As can be seen quite clearly in the before photo, this home needed professional assistance to effectively fix the foundation issue at hand. The foundation had already settled a couple inches and if the problem had not been addressed, the home would have settled even more. By using foundation piers, we were able to permanently stabilize and life Donald's home.

SmartJacks Installed in Colorado Springs, CO

Dorothy’s home in Colorado Springs previously had issues with sagging floors. A supporting column was put into her crawlspace that was supposed to correct the problem. However, an expert foundation repair specialist did not install this first product, resulting in problems with the proposed solution itself. This left her feeling uncomfortable and worrying that her home was not being properly supported and because of this, she sought help from Peak Structural to provide a permanent solution.

After contacting Peak and receiving a full inspection of her home, it was suggested that she replace her existing column with one of our SmartJacks. Dorothy saw all the benefits of the product and decided to move forward.

The issue with her current support column that can be seen in the picture, was that a lot of thread was showing. This means that there is no adjustability left to utilize to keep the floor above stable. Another issue with her previous column was that the Crawlspace had a large amount of humidity that lead to the rusting of her columns. With the SmartJack made from galvanized steel, our product will not rust. Compared to the less efficient big box store version, the SmartJack has a high capacity of over 60,000lbs! Once the SmartJack had replaced the existing product, Dorothy felt comfortable that her floors were stable and was confident in the decision she made.

Limon, CO SmartJack Installation

In Limon, CO a homeowner named Sheila had noticed a slight slope in her floor. Having an old home and worried about the structure, she contacted Peak Structural to schedule a no cost estimate. Shortly after the appointment was made, an expert Design Specialist was sent out to assess the problem. After the inspection of the home, the specialist had found that the floors were sagging. This was happening because of the old, weakened wood column that was the only support to the floor above. It was suggested to the homeowner that the existing column be replaced with our SmartJack System to effectively and permanently support the floor above. The SmartJack can hold over 60,000lbs and is made of galvanized steel, so it will not rust or weaken over time. Happy with the option given to her and the assurance that this product would fully support her floor, Sheila decided to move forward with the installation and saw the results immediately. 

Foundation Wall Bracing in Fountain, CO

Jeffery – a new homeowner in Fountain, CO – was concerned about the large horizontal crack in his foundation wall. He called Peak Structural Inc. to secure his wall from cracking any further and straighten it over time. Peak Structural installed the Geo-Lock Wall Anchor System to immediately stabilize the wall against inward force and restore the value of the property. Over time, the Geo-Lock System will be tightened to straighten the foundation wall, a benefit unique to this product.

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