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About Peak Structural, Inc.

Peak Structural, INC. is Denver, Colorado's locally owned and operated foundation repair company! We have helped repair and restore thousands of failing foundations for local residents and commercial properties all throughout the Greater Denver area. Not only do our state-of-the-art foundation repair systems effectively address the problem soils below your home, they are also designed to last - built with galvanized steel to resist corrosion. The foundation repair work we do is backed by our service warranty to ensure your family’s safety! Other than our exclusive foundation repair solutions, we make customer service and satisfaction our number one priority. From the moment we pick up the phone to set up your Get a Quote and foundation inspection to the second we finish cleaning up the job - you can trust Peak Structural, INC. to restore your foundation.

About the Owner

Paul Sutton

Paul Sutton

Paul is the founder and president of the Peak Structural team. He is a 2nd generation builder and has over 20 years of experience in the construction and repair industries. Paul’s career began while still in college in Dallas, TX in 1986, where he met his wife, Lisa.

For many years, he owned and operated a successful general contracting company in the Midwest and has served on the board of NARI- the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

Paul went on to complete comprehensive training from Supportworks, an international network of authorized foundation contractors. At this time, Paul was also studying structural foundation and soil dynamics at Grip-Tite University in Omaha, Nebraska.

Paul enjoys snowboarding, hiking, and camping and also enjoys doing home and property improvements. He's currently working on creating new Home Show displays for upcoming shows, including a carnival-style High Striker.

Foundation Repair Staff in Denver, CO

Accreditations & Affiliations
Peak Structural, INC. BBB accreditedPeak Structural, INC. Accreditations & Affiliations
Peak Structural, INC. Accreditations & AffiliationsPeak Structural, INC. Accreditations & Affiliations
Peak Structural, INC. Accreditations & Affiliations
Recent Testimonials
  • "Isaac was helpful and sensitive to my requirements. He is an asset to your company." Read Full Testimonial

    Daniel M. of Alma, CO

    Customer Testimonial

              Isaac was helpful and sensitive to my requirements. He is an asset to your company. You have done well in selecting him as a member of your company and in and training him.
    Daniel M.
    Alma, CO
  • "You delivered peace of mind and that is priceless!" Read Full Testimonial

    Damien K. of Sterling, CO

    Customer Testimonial

              Byron was outstanding--professional, knowledgable, and most amiable. You delivered peace of mind and that is priceless!
    Damien K.
    Sterling, CO

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Foundation Repair Staff in Denver, CO

Meet Our Team

Foundation Repair can be costly. With your home's beauty and equity at stake, how do you know if you are hiring the right company?

Consider the following checklist for important things to ask about before hiring a contractor. Does the contractor you are considering...

  • Provide homeowners with an initial evaluation and estimate?
  • Have a history of success in this field, or is simply a jack-of-all-trades?
  • Have the right tools for a quick and accurate diagnosis?
  • Fully insure your home and all workers?
  • Proudly provide references for the specific type of work you need done?
  • Hold a Class A License with the local building authorities?
  • Belong to the Better Business Bureau as a member in good standing?
  • Participate as an active member in ASHI- the American Society of Home Inspectors?
  • Respond quickly and courteously to your requests for information or estimates?

As you have probably guessed, we here at Peak Structural, INC. meet all these criteria! If you need help with your basement, crawl space, or foundation, please contact us today for an evaluation.

Peak Promise

Perhaps you are perusing our company information today due to an extraordinary natural curiosity about structural problems, but we doubt it.

More likely, you found us today because this type of problem has found you. Our customers report a gamut of feelings ranging from mildly annoyed to moderately upset to downright fearful. Who should I call? Who can be trusted? Who will take the pain of my problem away without taking advantage of me in the process? It can seem scary.

That’s why we’re honored that you would consider Peak as your solution for genuine relief and long-term protection. In return, we promise to courageously guard your interests and feelings like they are our own. We do this by restoring your home in a profoundly respectful manner; with pricing that is designed to protect your assets, not plunder your equity; and by providing a solid warranty that covers all your 'today's' as well as future homebuyer's 'tomorrow's'. In short, nothing less than a truly great outcome for you will do.

Here's how we see it:
You are not a problem to be solved; you are a person to be served.
In serving you well, we find our joy and purpose. What could be better than that?

Peak Promise

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